Quips, quotes and queries

As a Vicar and therefore a preacher, teacher and communicator of The Faith I have long been an inveterate collector of stories, illustrations and quotes. I have books and card indexes full of examples I have collected over twenty years ‘in the trade’ and which I plunder from time to time when I preach or teach. I underline passages in every book where I find such hidden treasure and I keep a card or cards of each book with notes of pages where they can be found. I have yet to devise a system where I can index these (all suggestions gratefully received) or any appropraite software that can make this easy (apart from Excel which is a little complicated for my 52 year old brain). So here is a possible solution – a blog in which I can write out anything I come across and which others may be interested in or be able to use in some way.  So here goes – hope it’s of use.


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