The Searching God

In ‘Christianity rediscovered’ Vincent Donovan describes how he had to re-think his whole view of evangelism and mission because of his experiences with the Masai. On one occasion he was talking to a Masai elder who made a startling point. The Masai greatly admire the hunting skills of the lion. So much so, that they use the imagery of a lion hunting its prey as a metaphor for their search for God. The lion picks up the scent of its prey and then commits its total energy to hunt it down and catch it. All its power and agility is used in this pursuit. Once it has caught it, it wraps itself around it and envelops it. This is the way the lion hunts, and this is the way the Masai had traditionally thought they must search for God.

This understanding fascinated Donovan. But the tribal leader hadn’t finished. “You told us of the High God,” he continued, “how we must search for him, even leave our land and our people to find him. But we have not done this. We have not left our land. We have not searched for him. He has searched for us! He has searched us out and found us. All the time we think we are the lion. In the end, the lion is God.”
From Steve Chalk: The Lost Message”


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