Patience in prayer

I remember the time my laptop was stolen. Someone had slipped in the back door when my daughter was in the shower and took the computer from the settee in the front room. The police were called and after taking some information from me left with the promise that they would get onto it.

We heard nothing for the next three-four weeks even though I rang the station several times to inquire about the progress. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, a message was left on my answerphone asking me to go down to the police station and look at some pictures of crime suspects (the culprit had been caught on our CCTV camera).

For the previous three weeks nothing seemed to have been happening. My phone calls had come to nothing and to all intents and purposes the police seemed to have forgotten all about me. But from the first day I had called them, they had been working to solve the crime. Like prayer, the wheels had been in motion but the ‘work’ was hidden. Similarly, when we pray, God is on the move even though we don’t see anything happen.


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