Several years ago in the Peanuts comic strip, by Charles Schulz, when Sally Brown was born, Charlie Brown was genuinely concerned about the condition of the world his infant sister was entering. He expressed these concerns out loud to his friend, Linus. But Linus interrupted his litany of the world’s evils by contradicting him. “I think”, said Linus “that the world today is better than it was six years ago.”

Charlie protested his friend’s optimism: “How can you say that? Don’t you read the papers, don’t you watch television? How can you say the world is better today than six years ago.

Linus answered simply: “I’m in it now.”

That’s what our celebration of Christmas is all about – the world (despite the evidence to the contrary) is a better place now because Jesus Christ is in it. His presence fills us, his Church, which is his body.”


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