Abortion 2

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“At least one in three women will have had an abortion by the age of 45….The number of women having abortions every year has risen from 154,300 in 1995 to 175,139 in 2000. increasing numbers of women in their 20’s have decided they either don’t want children at all or they want them later in life. (Also) lots of women are using abortion as a back up to contraception.”
Daily Mail, November 5th 2001



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Are we headed for an age in which having a child is morally analogous to buying a car? There is already evidence that couples are having prenatal tests to identify and abort foetuses on the basis of sex and there is no reason to assume the trend will stop there. “We should be worried about the future and where this might take us,” says George Amas a professor of health law at Boston University’s School of Medicine. “The whole definition of normal could well be changed. The issue becomes not the ability of the child to be happy, but rather our ability to be happy with the child.”
Newsweek Special Issue 1990


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Say ‘Yes,’ son. I need your ‘yes’ as I needed Mary’s ‘yes’ to come to earth, for it is I who must do your work, it is I who must live in your family, it is I who must be in your neighbourhood, and not you…. Give all to me, abandon all to me. I need your ‘yes’ to be united with you and to come down to earth, I need your ‘yes’ to continue saving the world.
Michelle Quoist


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Welcome to my new blog. One of the struggles I have had over the years as a priest, preacher and teacher is finding illustrations, stories and quotes to help get the message of the gospel across. This blog is my attempt to help all those who find themselves in a similar predicament. In it you will, over time, find a collection of illustrations etc which I have found useful and which, I hope, you will too.

God bless,


The Power of Christ

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“..of what use is an electric light that is not plugged into its socket? You might try plugging it into a physics text book which describes electricity, or into promotional leaflets from the Electricity Company, but it will never light up from them! The Christian has only one power source and that is Christ himself. If we are not connected to him, we will not give out the light he intended, no matter how decorative we look or how high our wattage rating.” (John 15:5)
David Watson: Hidden Warfare p100

Last words

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“We are all beggars.” Martin Luther’s last written words before he died two days later.

The Bible 2

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Dr J.B.Phillips writes in the preface to his Letters to Young Christians that he was “continually struck by the living quality of the material” on which he worked; often he “felt rather like an electrician rewiring an ancient house without being able to turn the lights off.”
Billy Graham: The Holy Spirit p48